Kialoa Methane

Gorge Performance had a 20% off sale of Kialoa paddles so how could anyone refuse. I have been using an all carbon "made in china" non name brand paddle. I would consider my old paddle middle of the road quality. However it is amazing how the quality jumps from a $200 paddle to a $300 paddle.

Weight: A
21oz is an impressively low number however I am much more impressed with how its balanced. Balance is really what you are after and I give them an for having little to no swing weight at all. Sweet!

Grip: A-
This is the only part of the paddle I am not super stoked about! Not because I think it is inferior only because I am not used to it. It is a t-bar style Grip that spans straight accross and actually fits over the shaft. I believe this will be advantageous for pivoting in my palm....  just feels different at this point.

Shaft: A
Slightly oval!! which is very important! Half of your grip is on the shaft so having that oblong form allows much more control than a round one would.

Blade: A
Smaller in volume! Which is what you need for faster acceleration! This is ideal for surf supers. You need to be able to pivot and accelerate very quickly. A larger paddle face is going to allow for a higher top speed but slower acceleration. Think "gears in cars" and it makes sense. A smaller volume blade is like a lower gear.

Overall: A
I am very happy with my purchase! At this point in the sport I am impressed with Kialoa. I am excited to see where paddle technology goes from here. I would love to see interchangeable grips, shafts, and blades similar to being able to switch out fins. Just some Time I am sure and we will see this technology!

Good job guys!!

Just when you think its all about the board you realize a superior paddle will literally change everything. Depending on what you are after you paddle will either make or break you!

We will do as many paddle reviews as we can whenever we get a chance. However we also would love to post any reviews by all your SUPers out there! Include pics, vids, and give me every tidbit of information about grip, flex, lengtth, size, etc!!!

East winds on the horizon......

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